Going Back To School – OnLine

So, now that I am trying to get back into the land of the living. I have other challenges associated with the next decade. One of those is Empty Nest Syndrome. Yes, it is terrifying, my girls will be leaving the nest in the next few years. So, what do I do next?

Isolated with Chronic Neuropathic Pain and having spent the past 5 years in a fog of fatigue, I have to get my act together.

One of the things I have learned out of this illness,  there is always someone worse off than you. So, in order to put my life into perspective and purpose, it should be in service of others.

SO…I am going to get my Masters in Psychology, Counselling. Yep, that’s right, I am going to end up being a Psychotherapist.

The course is completely online. This alleviates the concerns of bad pain days, as I will always have my classroom with me.

With technology the way it is, I can communicate with others easily. Which will be very nice.

I tested the waters with doing my certificate in Criminal Behaviour & Psychology. This allowed me to remember how to be a student again. How to document things – how times have changed since the Dewey Decimal System????? I am so old.

My grades were good. Which surprised me. However, they were college online courses and I am older and wiser than the last time I was in school. This has boosted my confidence. And so I applied to do my Masters – and I start in September.

Once I graduate – I can see patients online – again – puts me in the workforce – still home till my kids are all gone – can be flexible for times – all sorts of good stuff.

It will be wonderful to be able to help people. Mental Illness is like Chronic Pain – it is invisible – misunderstood and not mutually exclusive.

I recommend for those, who cannot go to school physically, take a gander at some online courses. Find something that interests you. A subject that engages you with other people – or even with your own brain.

Programs are available all over the world. Subjects vary in all sorts of different topics. You can take an English Literature course, Writing, Nursing, Psychology, Business, Science etc. It is amazing what is out there.

You can even take your Ph.D. Who knows, maybe I will even go that route.

Cost – depends on what course you take, how many, text books, delivery etc.

I have an undergrad in Business, so I have to catch up on basic Psychology. Such an eager student am I, that I have already ordered my textbooks for my first two classes.

I’ll keep you posted on the progress – but I recommend those, who are looking for something to distract, engage and improve your cognitive abilities, try an online course!