Blogs & Resources

Additional Blogs & Resources for Chronic Pain Patients

Invisible Illness is almost impossible to empathize with, leaving us feeling lonely, misunderstood and helpless. Sometimes we are made to feel crazy, attention/drug seeking whiners who should just buck up and get on with life.

The media and medical community are ages behind in Pain Management and this impacts how we are treated. Friends and family seem to fade into the background as mobility and understanding slow down our social lives.

BUT, we are NOT alone. There are a whole whack of fellow silent sufferers out there who do understand what it means to be a Painie.

Online resources and communities have been so very helpful to me. Not only as sources of information, but of understanding and inspiration. There are many powerful stories in these blogs.

Here are a list of different Blogs and Resources I have found helpful, I think you might too.

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If you have a site that is valuable please contact Chronic Pain Journal and we can add it.


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