Invisible Illness Awareness Week Sept 28 – October 4 2015

When it comes to Invisible Illness we tend to not believe what we can’t see or touch. But here are some things we as a World believe in fully, but we can’t see.

Faith – Churches built, wars waged, people move countries, give up their lives all based on Faith.

Love – Something we all want, need and give on a daily basis.

Fear – A base emotion that our very survival relies on.

Hate – This powerful emotion can fuel a truly destructive fire.

Peace – The ultimate desire of the human race no matter what our belief system.

All the above are invisible in their own way, but manifest in powerful ones. Why is it that an illness that is not necessarily readily visible to the human eye, is so dismissed? It exists and is remarkably powerful in it’s grip on the human body and mind.

When you have an Invisible Illness, it is not unreal to the patient. It grips our lives with an extremely visceral hold. It debilitates us, chains us, scares us and haunts us.

The most difficult thing about an Invisible Illness is belief. Not being believed is the truly hardest part of having it. We are not crazy, we are not attention seeking, we are not making this up. It is real and powerful and all consuming.

Receiving the simplest support is essential to us…..and that comes from just understanding.

If you believe that Faith, Love, Fear, Hate and Peace exist…then you have the space in you to believe in Invisible Illness.

Understanding and compassion are the best medicine we the Painies can ask for. Please see this website for more information


One thought on “Invisible Illness Awareness Week Sept 28 – October 4 2015

  1. Great analogy! I’ve set up a blog called spooniesisters which is for ladies battling with chronic pain, would love you to check it out if you fancy. Empathy, love and good vibes from Rose x

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