How To Feel Refreshed – When Feeling Like Crud – Part 1

You know those days when the pain has exhausted you, so much so that having a shower is overwhelming. Or maybe you are in a pain spiral, leaving you bedridden for a few days (if not more). The weight of feeling dirty, tired, old and ugly is overwhelming. We have all felt like that and we shouldn’t. There are just times that we have to succumb to the pain, rest and be still to get better. However, being bedridden and exhausted shouldn’t make us feel ugly.

I have separated this into 2 articles – this one concentrating on just basic cleanliness. Part 2 will concentrate on more spa like treatments to do at home.

Here are some affordable and easy tips on how to feel refreshed; when cost or physical limitations may prevent a shower or bath.

  1. Flushable Baby Wipes – although I prefer not to used disposable products, in this case I allow it. It is an easy way to give yourself a sponge bath. If you want to have a fragrance, Lavender is the best scent as it Lavender is a natural relaxant.
    1. If you are taking care of Painie – this is an easy way to help your loved one. It provides cleanliness but more importantly gentle human contact. We cannot emphasize how much that can help.
    2. Wipe down the face, back of the neck, behind the ears first. Then follow with under the arms, the length of the arm and hands. Wipe down legs and feet (remember between the toes). Don’t forget the naughty bits!
    3. These are affordable and can be purchased in bulk at places like Costco.
    4. Be sure to test on the inside of the wrist – wait 24 hours – and assess if there is any skin reaction.
    5. Avoid wiping areas that have open sores or eczema patches – this may further irritate the skin
  2. Dry Shampoo – this is a great way to refresh yourself. In the colder months, having wet hair may increase pain. It also may be physically difficult to manage washing your hair or that of your Painie patient. This can be purchased in either spray or powder form. There is a full gambit of price ranges. They are available at stores like Sephora or drug stores. If you choose a spray you want to choose one that is appropriate for your needs. If you have fragrance sensitivities make sure you find a brand that doesn’t irritate your senses. They can run from basic formulas or ones that can thicken hair.
    1.  Here are the steps to apply the spray:
      1. Brush hair thoroughly to make sure there are no tangles.
      2. Shake can well and spray on scalp in sections.
      3. Use quick small sprays and then massage your scalp.
      4. Once you have covered your head – brush again.
      5. One of my favourite brands is Dove
    2. Steps for a powder
      1. Brush hair thoroughly
      2. Separate hair in sections and sprinkle powder
      3. Massage onto scalp
      4. Once you have covered your head – brush again
      5. One of my favourite brands is Bumble & Bumble – Pret a powder
      6. A very affordable version is baby powder
  3. Mouthwash & Flossing – this may sound silly, but sometimes medicine and treatments create a constant dry or sour taste in the mouth. Rinsing with mouthwash can help perk you up and make you feel clean. Listerine has pocket packs, this may make it easier for when you literally cannot get out of bed. Flossing also helps to refresh the mouth. Take your oral health seriously. Infection can be spread throughout the body so quickly through the mouth. It is especially important for Painies who are immune compromised So be sure to take care of your oral health.
  4. Moisturize – find a body moisturizer that is lightweight and/or a fragrance you like. There are so many affordable ones on the market, even unscented or for sensitive skin.
    1. My preferred brands depend on my mood and my skins’ condition.
      1. Lubriderm lotion for sensitive skin is my personal fave, however on some days I like Johnson & Johnson’s baby lotion in Lavender.
    2. Make sure to test the product on the inside of your wrist and wait 24 hours. If there is no reaction, then use as desired.
    3. I like to keep a bottle on the bedside table and I apply whenever I feel like it.
    4. After you have done Step 1 here (using wipes) apply the moisturizer as desired.
    5. If you are applying to your Painie patient, massage gently onto skin. Again, you are assisting your patient in several ways.
      1. Increasing circulation in feet and hands especially, but also the legs. This is so important when the Painie is bedridden.
      2. Personal touch assists in lowering cortisol levels, keeping blood pressure under control and just the general kindness that we so desperately want, but are afraid to ask.
      3. alleviates dry skin
    6. These daily moisturizers are available in bulk at Costco and regular sizes at Shoppers Drug Mart

These are some simple, affordable and accessible ways to make yourself feel refreshed, when you are really feeling so depleted. Be sure to take care of yourself and your Painie patient. It may seem to some that bathing is something so easy, but some days it is truly a monumental task. Hopefully, these will help.


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