My Absence – Chronic Pain Knocked Me Out

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Hi Everyone,

I am so sorry that I have not been online to write, read or maintain my blog.

Stress has taken over my body and I have not had the energy to do anything – even read.

Vomiting, pain and exhaustion have been ruling me for several weeks. That, plus, having yet another problem with a Dr.

A few weeks ago my naturopath (whom I am very grateful for) prescribed me some treatments. One of them went down the gullet and then right back up. Vomitng for 36 hours straight. NO FUN AT ALL. He was not my problem.

My regular GP, did what they always do – tried to farm me off to someone else. BUT I am paying a fee to be with this clinic. The program is supposed to be for Chronically Ill patients. I guess, chronic pain doesn’t count. Anyway they aren’t, it is just so hard to work so diligently to get off medications and get better; to be doubted yet again.

I have had 4 Meyer Cocktail IVs’ which helped but still knocked me out. I guess I needed to rest.

On Tuesday – I will be gone for the Summer – but will check in from time to time.

June 5th was my 10 year anniversary – do I get a diamond anniversary band for that?

Guess not.

To distract myself I have been watching alot of TV. So, for those who have bed ridden days – I am going to give you some recommendations. These are not child friendly – and rather riske – so if you are oppposed to nudity, profanity or some violence/gore – then these mightnot be for you – but here they are with links.

Sons of Anarchy – on FX can’t post link as FX doesn’t access Canadians to the site.

True Blood

Orphan Black


Vampire Diaries

Justified – FX

Game of Thrones

Bates Motel


As you can see, they are not for the faint of heart – and can also describe my state of mind.However, some of them have some humour mixed in, great acting, original story lines and entertainment.


anyone want to join that team?

Please feel free to place your favourites in the comments – I will try to update more often.

I wish you all a pain free summer – my hearts are with you and thoughts. Again, I am sorry for the absence – but I just had to cocoon for a while I know you have all been there..


3 thoughts on “My Absence – Chronic Pain Knocked Me Out

  1. Sorry to hear that you’ve been so unwell — stress can take a huge toll on you.
    I hope that the summer gives you calm, peace, quietude. The kind of things that help with healing.
    I’ll be back with my list of television diversions — tv stations rerunning old shows; BBC in America (except for the really violent dramas); PBS Masterpiece Mystery. Our cable package doesn’t include channels that run the shows you mention. I’ve heard of some and seen ads and trailers. We did watch Sons of Anarchy.
    Have a good summer, and I hope you will feel better soon!

  2. How are u copin now dear? I’m a sufferer of pelvic pain due to some existing condition and also medical negligence after i’ve delivered my child. My son is only 3 months old now and i duno how to cope with it…do u think we can connect? I find some of ur posts v inspiring..You can see my email address?

    1. Thank you. I am just getting around and will start posting again. I have some interactive ideas for the blog as typing is rather difficult now. I am so sorry that I have been delinquent in writing. Please keep reading and look at some of the other blogs connected to here. It seems by the date of your post that your son is now about or almost 1. I found that reading with my babies on my lap, napping with them, trying to do crafts with them helped a lot. There are disadvantages to being a pain parent, but there are some benefits.
      You are kind of forced to be there in the moment and have quiet time. It all goes by so quickly and is hard to enjoy sometimes in pain, but their smiles, laughter and joy can be a great motivator and distraction from the pain.
      I wish you a pain free day and some snuggles with your baby.

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