Happy Holidays To My Painies

I want to wish all my fellow Painies and their extended families a happy,loving, joyous, grateful and warm Holiday Season.

Try to pace yourself, ignore the well meaning comments that don’t help, take deep breaths and Remember what this time is all about. It is to share love, peace, understanding and giving.

We try to give through toy drives, gifts to World Vision to a charity of your choice. Something that will make someone else benefit, while at the same time making you happy. It is a warm feeling to know that you are paying forward. Mauve even a gift certificate to you friend ” one hour to listen just to you”.

No matter your colour, creed or religion, this time of year is about giving not receiving;and we would all do well to remember that.

Even A small donation to the local food drive, would be welcome. A full tummy is a world of fun to a parent with a hungry child.

My favourite thing to do each year or to buy toys for the Firefighters toy drive. My youngest loves dropping them off. Plus she gets to see a real life Firetruck. Buying mitts, hats and blankets for street people in Canada is awesome.

All I want for Christmas is to know that my blog and Facebook group are helping my fellow Painies and it gives them laughter, empathy, some fire and strength. If this is true it is more than I could ask for.

Have a wonderful season and are getting ready for a new happy healthy painfree New Year!!!!


2 thoughts on “Happy Holidays To My Painies

  1. I, too, try to extend the privilege (despite the pain and other symptoms. If I see a nice stuffed animal really discounted, I buy it for the Toys for Tots program. I think its the marines or the national guard who put boxes in most retail stores. I always put some money in the Salvation Army kettle and get food (often buy something that would be a treat) together for the food bank.
    My nasty evil uncle and aunt have bought a goat for us the last 2 Christmases. (They used to do the same for my mother once I told them how much she hated flowers). Recently, we bought soccer balls in our great-nieces’ names. Unfortunately, they are rich and spoiled, and weren’t very interested in the gift and the idea of helping folks who are in desperately in need of assistance. Oh well, Scrooge was fairly old when he was visited by the 3 ghosts, so maybe there is hope yet for my great nieces and nephew.

  2. PS: I meant to say that I buy stuffed animals through out the year, building up a supply for Christmas. Just a little something that might make a nice friend for some child.

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