Pain Sucks – Set Backs and Obstacles

Hi there readers – it is me – I know I haven’t written in a while and here is the reason why.

I am doing Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT), which includes Progesterone and Testosterone doses daily. In the Spring my Naturopath upped my Progesterone dosage as I still was not able to sleep through the night. By this I mean I would sleep for 45 minutes at a time. Or I would not sleep at all for 48 hours. This is not an exaggeration.

Through my other treatments I could feel my pain getting better, but the lack of sleep and then these urinary tract infection symptoms – would send my system into overload. I would be feeling great and then all of a sudden BAM!!! Up all night peeing every 40 minutes and it hurt. I was nauseous and then would start vomiting, which would last non stop for 24 – 36 hours. Then fatigue and exhaustion and the switch gets flipped and my pain gets out of control.

I had to go up on my medication severely – which was depressing and horrifying, but I seriously couldn’t deal with the pain. Everything I did was an effort and my girlie area was on fire. Even making a phone call or checking email was an overwhelming experience. I couldn’t understand what was happening. My GP was getting sketchy about my medication – as I am sure you all are familiar with – but I was trying so very hard to get off them – I was so close and then ripped right out of my hands. 4 rounds of antibiotics and still my urine tests weren’t showing infection – but I knew something was wrong.

Book with my OB/GYN who is also a female Urologist – but I have to wait to see her. I go on Vacation with my family and read the NEW progesterone drug information package and it says:

Side Effects: Burning/Painful urination, breast tenderness, depression, nausea, vomiting etc. Also – Prometrium can affect the urine tests. Also can be harmful if taken with any medications that affect Liver Enzymes. 

UH?????? WHAT?????? So it seems that this hormone therapy has been giving me the problems and the dosage that was being upped. I decided to not take any until I see my OB/GYN and have her Look See into it.

In the mean time – I have to get off these meds. My children were gone for 2 weeks and I knew that if I was going to do it – I was going to do it then. I took more than prescribed for my sleeping medication to push myself off my narcotics. It was a sucky two weeks. I was puking, not sleeping, burning urination, etc. etc. But I knew that I could suck it up and get through it as my end game is to get off these freaking medications. I also did NOT WANT MY CHILDREN TO SEE THIS. They have to deal with enough and it was hard enough to disappoint my husband with our only 2 weeks alone.

This of course, has freaked my GP out and he now says “I am going to refer you to a Pain Clinic”. Ok – well I am at a pain clinic – that is working – we have just hit a speed bump. I appreciate that you have licensing issues – but this was a one time deal to remove narcotics from my daily menu. I also am paying a fee for this clinic to manage Chronic Illness. So – what then? Even if I get referred to a Pain Clinic – all they are going to do is give me more drugs that my GP is going to have to manage anyway and I don’t want more meds. I want to get off the ones I am on.

Yet again – we Painies are misunderstood. Instead of looking at why – or for that matter meeting with me – I am just getting the brush off again. It is so frustrating. I feel like I have to diagnose myself – because I tell the Dr.s my symptoms and they keep saying – Oh this is a good thing your body is purging. Oh you had an infection. Oh you had the flu. Obviously I didn’t and again – even though I am being proactive and telling them and asking them for help – I get the brush off.

Anyway – now that I have lowered my meds by 75% in 3 weeks – I am finally starting to feel better. I have had some sleep. I am up with my kids. My pain is manageable. But do you think that they will see the progress or the effort in getting help – or just the prescription pad? Who knows. I have to say that last 2 weeks were probably the darkest time I have had through this whole illness. I didn’t want to exist anymore – not that I wanted to die – but I was too tired to face another day of punishment for God knows what? I was just so tired. Then have your Drs. freak and you just feel hopeless.

I am off to Georgian Bay for 3 weeks and hope to have more healing by then. I know I am getting better – I just wish I didn’t have to treat myself and I could get listened to. Why has the system made it so that Dr.s are more scared of the Government than treating patients. I understand the issue of medication – but if you are trying to get off them – why not listen to what your patient is saying.

I have spent over $40,000 of our money on alternative treatments and health care. I have been to over 22 Dr.s to try to find a solution. Each time I am baffling to the Dr.s. Only since I got the proof

English: A windswept native Eastern White Pine...

I needed – $3,000 to pay for a private Health Assessment – that showed I was getting Cushings Disease – which I had been saying for 2 years. Then went to a Naturopath – through my existing Pain Clinic – that I got results. In 2 years I have had the following changes.

– lost over 65 lbs

– body temperature regulated

– drenching sweats gone

– bloating gone

– reduced pain from all over all-encompassing – to more finite and definitive

– total insomnia to moderate insomnia

– improved focus and concentration

– libido improved

Aside from this little speed bump of the past 3/4 months, I am getting better. So why ship me to another pain clinic? To do what?

OK enough of my rant. I just wanted to let you all know that I am now going to do the rest of my convelasance in the healing waters of Georgian Bay with my beautiful children, awesome husband and neurotic dog. I am hoping that I will be able to rid myself of more of the medication – but I also know I have to be patient.

Talk to you when I get back and wishing you all a Pain Free Month.


5 thoughts on “Pain Sucks – Set Backs and Obstacles

  1. Hi There
    Due to info overload, I’ve put most blogs on weekly digest, so I don’t get them when written, so that’s why I’m just responding now and you’re probably off to Georgian Bay — which is what I think you need right now.
    I, too, need to get off a lot of my meds — there are 2 that I know I need to keep: one so my bones don’t turn to dust, and a 2nd so my face doesn’t explode with pain. The rest — well, I can be a crazy women with acid reflux (the endoscopy showed all the scarring is gone, the enlarged blood vessels in the stomach aren’t any cancerous (granddad died of stomach cancer) and unless I have issues — nothing til next spring for a colonoscopy — his other advice is all holistic!) who sleeps in 2 hour shifts and deals with osteoarthritis with natural pain gel and heat.
    Progesterone was a red flag for me in your posting (must admit I didn’t fully read the rest, and will go back and rest more closely). I had awful periods, constantly increasing in size breasts, PMS and the other initial thing before it was id’d and about one good 1/2 week a month after a week+ long incredilbly painful heavy period was finished. Even took courses of male steriods to try and strink ovarian cryst and stop the monthly insanity.
    When my ovaries were removed, the inside of my abdomen was all glommed together with endometrian tissue, and my one ovary was all endometrian tissue inside and out. Everyone thought my problem was estrogren — when I started HRT, I found out the culprit all along had been progesterone. I had the usual issues with surgical menopause, and estrogen was intro’d first — handled it fine. Then progesterone and all hell broke loose! My OBGYN wasn’t great (he sent my home after my day surgery turned into four days in the hospital due to the size of the cyst and the endometrian ovary with tylenol 1!) so I went to see the great doc. I had at the university clinic (I was back in university at grad school). I called him when I got home from the hospital, told him what was up and he immediately wrote a script for pain killers my hubby picked up and had filled. He was shocked! We decided I would take estrogen all the time, and every 3 months, for at least 7 — 10 days if I could handle it — I’d take progesterone so I’d have a period. (Since most of his patients were the usual university age, I was his most interesting case, and he actually gave a paper based on me at a conference. He was sad when I graduated, stayed to contract teach but couldn’t see him any more — eventually he left for another city.) So for many years, I did the regime of my ugly pills. But we ran low on money, and my mother decided not to take her estrogen, so she gave it to me, so I only took that which lead to issues (but that’s another story) and I stopped all HRT in 2003.
    Sorry to go on so, but I can see why progesterone could give you lots of problems. While you are away healing and enjoying the kids I will read your post more closely. I did skim your achievements, and the weight loss and some of the other things sound very positive. I’ll bring you up to speed some day!
    Please take good care. Think of you often! Have I ever asked for your mailing address? There is a little something I’d love to mail to you.
    Have a great time at that magical place!

    1. Hey! Long time no speak. I am grateful that you shared your story of hormone replacement. I think it is important that we all share these stories so that we can get info to arm ourselves with. I hope that you are having a pain free day and that you are feeling a bit better. K

  2. It’s great that you were able to figure out different treatment plans for your pain. The way pain can take over one’s life is overwhelming- I call it the “great pain jack.” It’s good that you’ve tried different treatment options. Also, if you ever have trouble sleeping, Jasmine helps and lavender also helps you relax. Try a scented oil.

    1. Thank you Katie – I am just back now, so just got this. I really appreciate your support. I am so sorry that you are having chronic pain at such a young age. I cannot even imagine what that must be like. I wish and hope for you a resolution – or at least some pain relief. K

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