Gluten Reaction – it isn’t a joke

Ok, if I ever had any doubts about my Gluten sensitivity I don’t now. 

During this bout of illness, my husband (God Bless Him) was in charge of food for the family. He and the kids are not on the Gluten Free diet – but when I cook for us – it is Gluten Free. With me not being able to eat – he was making Gluten Full food. He purchased snacks all filled with Gluteny Goodness.

You all have had the feeling where you have to eat something to quell nausea- sometimes it is just soda crackers – sometimes it is greasy, crappy food like McDonalds. If I do the shopping, I buy myself Granola, crackers and snacks that are Gluten Free. There was nothing in the house.

I hadn’t eaten in so long; I was craving something basic – I chose poorly. I ate 2 oatmeal/chocolate chip cookies and a chicken nugget happy meal. I ate only 3 nuggets. I went from being almost (almost) my old size – to being a Fatty McButter Pants. It was crazy beans.

My youngest started to pat my stomach and said “Look Mummy, your tummy is a trampoline again”. I was amazed. It was insane.

A few weeks I was at Costco – looking at sport skorts. I need to have soft fabric and elastic waist due to my burns on my backside from my hot water bottle. The lady at the store said “Oh, sweetie, we just got some new ones in over there. The sizes you are looking at are medium and large sizes. You need the smaller ones.” Do you think it would have been strange if I had thrown my arms around her and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

Then I spend a few weeks sick, vomiting and loose additional weight. Although I wasn’t feeling great physically, psychologically I was happy to be somewhat skinny again. I cheat a bit on my diet and all of a sudden BLAMMO, I am swollen again.

Any second guesses I had – are gone. Gluten is not my friend. Which makes me sad about the loss of chicken nuggets, soda crackers and Gluteny Goodness. Oh well, one more thing I can’t have – so another article will include some substitutes for these holes in my tummy.


2 thoughts on “Gluten Reaction – it isn’t a joke

  1. I know the feeling — not so much about the gluten but the overnight — here we go again. Last year, in a very short period of time, I gained over 25+ and my abdomen expained to 40 inches. I literally con’t leave the house beacuse I have nothing big enough to wear. I could only wear extralarge soft legings that I could fold over belower my waist and hope for the best. I did over off gluten — no weight loss, but some other tummy issues where better, and slowly I lost some of the girth and the weight. (stopped weighting and measuring myself and went by visuals and how things fit.)
    I still had a ways to go to get back to my pre-ballong stage, when again out of the blue, this week the whole thing started again — the increasing stomach size and probably the increased weight. A skirt I could even get up on to my abdomen (tho I have to wear style that is below the adbomen because it is too pain to wear it up on it), I couldn’t even get on to my hips (and I used to have to use a saftey pin to keep the skirt on).two days later! I won’t b***h and go on in the self-pity department but if this is a repeat of last year, it’s starting from a higher weight and waist size, so I can see a 50+ inch abdomen, 150+ weight, and spending the summer in the house with nothing big enough to wear.
    Sorry to rant on something I’ve already said. Good luck with your going gluten free again. Though they’re expensive there are some tasty alternatives to gluten-based bread, cookies, frozen dinners, candy, soups, etc.
    Good luck!

    1. Hi Phylor,

      I wish I could come over and give you a hug!! I so know how you feel.

      As for clothes – here are some options I got to help with the expansion/contraction of waist – while still accommodating comfort and a modicum of fashion.

      I got some soft, black cotton jersey dresses – they are comfy – and can be worn inside the house and outside. Also, bought some soft jersey skirts that, so I could wear a t-shirt overtop and then flip flops. Can be dressed up with scarves (now a staple – my step mother bought me some colourful scarves that helped add colour and camp my tummy). Also bought the cotton jersey cardigans from Costco (my main clothier) and they have long flowy fronts, so they look a little cool and still mask silhouette. All of these are super cheap and wash and wear.

      I NEVER get on the scale – it causes tears – NEVER take measurements. Like you, have decided that the eyeball is my best tester and some clothes.

      My old wardrobe has not been tried on yet, as I am still afraid they don’t fit. But I know that something is starting.

      It will for you too – I have the utmost faith – that it will be discovered what is causing all these fluctuations for you. I am sending you hugs and smiles and support. K

      p.s. not so sure your problem is actual weight – but fluid retention – big difference.

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