Sick Of Being Sick – Jeez Louise

A sick cartoon Pig Complete with orange juice ...

I have not written in quite a while, as I have been in bed. You would think that every woman would want a life of leisure, resting quietly, reading, thinking…..well guess what it sucks.

I have been doing a procedure called BioPunctures. It is a series of injections around areas of injury. That along with my other naturopathic and western treatments has left me exhausted.

Flu like symptoms, fatigue and a bout of vomiting that lasted 48 hours. Now, I know that I have written about my weight issues and  I can’t stand what I have gained, but seriously do I have to lose it like this? I think 10 lbs has been lost; at least.

I have a bladder & kidney infection. I am on my second round of antibiotics as the first one didn’t work. I think I have had this infection for a very long time. My pain medication has masked the pain of the infection and my constant insomnia for years distracted me from the fact that I had to pee every 15 minutes. That plus being on my detox program – I just thought that all the bathroom trips were my system ridding itself of toxins.

I am sick of blood & urine tests. I am sick of having to ask for them. I am sick of being in bed. I am sick of being tired. I am sick of being sick and tired. I want some freedom from illness. I just need a break.

I have caught up on all my tv shows and added some new ones. I have read a lot of books; including the Hunger Games series. Which is quite good.

Lounging around isn’t my idea of fun. My energy reserves are completely tapped. Resting is what I need, but I am fed up. It is hard to imagine a life without pain now, but I have to believe that it will happen. Will it be over soon? Hoping so……just hoping so.


5 thoughts on “Sick Of Being Sick – Jeez Louise

  1. Sending Love and Healing Blessings~ I can imagine a life without pain but that is not my reality either~I have to believe there is a reason for me to be still alive.
    Peace, Love and Light~

  2. I hope that the current series of treatments, and getting rid of the infection means you get to spend MORE time OUT of bed. (((((hugs)))))

  3. oops, as usual, I mistyped something. It should read getting rid of the infection not just gettin rid of the . . . where did I leave my brain today? I’m always losing things, lol.

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