Done Round 2 – Biopuncture Pain Treatment

Blnguyen sleep
Sleepy TIme

Ok, so went last Monday and had 25 more of these Bio Puncture treatments. They are certainly not as painful as botox. I told my Naturopath about the response my body had and he said that is “Good”.

This round, is supposed to start to clear out more of the “Junk’ my body is still holding onto around the injury sites. Then I might have more pain again and it might make me tired again.

Well, that was an understatement. I was conked out for 6 days. It was awful. I couldn’t get up. I was so very, very tired.

My Naturopath said that this is just like my body recovering from surgery, it needs to rest and stop working. It needs to be quiet so all my little cells can regenerate. So, quiet I will be.

As you know, life doesn’t stop. It is Christmas, so have to plan for that, which is tricky.

My eldest daughter is doing competitive swimming and had a huge meet. She is doing so well, and her coach wanted her to do a 200m front crawl event. She is 10 and has only competed in 3 events. She was terrified about doing it and begged me to come and watch her. I tried, so hard, but I just didn’t have the strength. It is my hope that this won’t be forever, that I will be able to go to these things without batting an eye. I am tired of feeling like I am failing my family, by not being able to do things.

Today I am back up on my feet. I know I have to take it slowly as I have another round on Monday of next week. It is just hard to be immobile. At least there are some good books out there and I can catch up on some good tv.

If I am not in touch via Facebook etc. please know that I will get to all of your emails and requests as soon as I can, but this may be the thing that works.

Who knew, you had to pay an exorbitant amount of money, fight every person in the medical system and rest to get better????

But maybe I will, which gives me hope that all of you can too!


2 thoughts on “Done Round 2 – Biopuncture Pain Treatment

  1. I know how you feel. I struggle with the same things. I even sometimes think if I had known I had this condition I wouldn’t have had them. But when it really comes down to it. I wouldn’t change it. I love my kids and they love me. They are young and I do what I can. They don’t understand but at the end of the day they know that mommy loves them. Hanging in there

  2. So sorry you had to miss your daughter’s swim meets, but it’s great that she is such a good swimmer.
    The body needs rest to heal — if you are getting rid of years of toxins, then the body would need time to shed the bad and manufacture the good.

    Wishing you (and your family) all the best during the holiday season, and wishing you a wonderous, pain-free 2012!

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