We Cannot Give Up Hope


I know that my last entry was a little down in the dumps. I get very frustrated with the system (medical and my own physical one). In response I received a few comments and emails that have broken my heart. 

Pain is such an emotional battle, one that very few understand. The physical pain can be understood, but the long internal battle is not. We can see someone who had been in an accident or severely burned and squirm at the thought of the pain, their pain. Yet, after a short time, we don’t or can’t comprehend the battle ahead of the patient. However, the physical scars allow socially for leeway, for sympathy or support.

For these patients we reprimand those who spurn them socially, we support their needs for physical therapy or medical treatment. There is a public outcry for safety issues in driving, fire, etc.

If we hear about an abused or neglected animal or child – we feel outrage. Why don’t we feel it about Painies? Why are we less – well the fact is we are NOT.

For Invisible Illness, there is none of that.

We are left to our own devices, as it is in our head or we are looking for sympathy or whatever. If there is no root cause for the illness – and for those with Fibro know what I am talking about – there is no compassion.

Without support from the medical community – in regards to medication, treatment, alternative therapies, emotional support and just general understanding or kindness, we feel hopeless.

Without support from family & friends – in regards to phone calls, visits, inclusion and just general understanding – we are left to feel unwanted and unloved.

This is unacceptable and we have to fight back. We cannot give up on ourselves, because that means we are giving up on each other.

We can’t lose hope. We cannot give up, no matter how easy it may seem or how tired we are. I know you are tired, no not tired, exhausted by the pain and all that it involves.

We can find a way to beat this pain. We can find a way to be accepted by the world. We just have to keep trying.

AND….while we are working towards that……please use the resources available that are free, anonymous and empathetic. Sites like Chronic Babes, Wellsphere and all the other remarkable Bloggers out there like Phylor. You can also rate your Doctor or Medical Practitioner – rating can be done anonymously and it helps for other patients to know what they are all about. You can also sign petitions – like Pain is Real – to get our message out there to everyone.

You are not alone. You are not crazy. You are not worthless and including yourself in the communities out there in cyberspace can help others and help you.

Wishing you all a Pain Free Day!!!!


2 thoughts on “We Cannot Give Up Hope

  1. Thank you for reminding me that there are lots of folks out there going through the same thing. We sometimes can get so inside ourselves, we forget that others have even worse pain issues than we do.
    Because I’ve have to limit computer use due to pain, I miss my online friends and communities, and do tend to feel lonely. Loneliness is a by-product of pain that can be “cured” by, as you say, joining online communities, blogging, following other bloggers.
    Thank you, too, for your blog; your insights, compassion and strength are inspiring!

  2. Nice post, and just what I needed. A dose of empathy. Although I am happy to say I made it to a holiday dinner today (early in our family), enjoyed the company and ate some great food, I wasn’t sure I would make it and truly, didn’t think I’d be able to.

    It was hard when I felt pressured, then guilty for even thinking I might not make it. People really don’t understand. All the conversations we’ve had about CFS or chronic pain, medications, side-effects, disability, etc., but, when it is time to do something, it’s like all those talks are gone with the wind. It’s a frustrating life, that’s for sure.

    Today I’m grateful though. I’m happy to have seen some family and I know things could be much worse than they are, so I’m grateful for what I have, including access to blogs, like yours!

    Thank you.


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