New York Times Article

Important to read for all. Go to It is about time that we Painies were treated like Patients instead of Pariahs — please pass this link along.

Some comments added:
In response to the NY Times article on pain, July 19th.
A word from an old time family doctor: What a shame that so many people suffering chronic pain are not offered the best medications to reduce their pain. Doctors are too often poorly trained or just too afraid of prescribing opiate medications for pain. Three issues need to be understood for the situation to be corrected: 1) Dependence is not addiction! All patients given opiate medication over a period of time will feel withdrawal if they suddenly stop. This does not mean the patient is addicted, only that their body needs some time of slowly reducing the dose if the medication is to be stopped. 2) The use of short acting opiate medications make little sense when treating the problem of chronic pain. The short acting meds give on and off relief, including waking during the night, that is both frustrating and ineffective. The long acting meds offer 24 hour around the clock relief. 3) Any attempt to completely remove pain can produce undesirable side effects and can at
be dangerous. It is only important to reduce the pain from severe to mild, a change which allows people to go on about their lives with little or no difficulty.

Dr. Philip Paris M.D.

I believe that there is a need for chronic pain patients to be presented with the widest possible range of options to find the treatment that works for them, and that there is a need for a chronic pain platform that offers both medicated as well as non-medicated options. What do you think?

Michael Wong


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