Insomnia – Would Love To Hear From You

Insomnia is a symptom of this Illness that has affected me greatly.

I would love to hear from you –


5 thoughts on “Insomnia – Would Love To Hear From You

  1. Hi!!SOrry to hear you have sleep issues!! They stink!!!! I used to be up every night, ALL night but then I had a sleep study & found I had 3 different sleep disorders which are all treatable so now I sleep better. I still have bad nights but am better. Have you had a sleep study & do you have a sleep specialist? Mine is a God-send!! Hugs!!!


    1. I have not done a sleep study….b/c. I need my special mattress, certain pillows, blah blah blah and being there alone would make me not sleep. So, I have decided not to do it. PLUS I know alot of people who did it and they were given a machine to take home and then pay for…another fee….so I figured I would see what happens w/ the Naturopath. I will let you know my other tests/trials in the article. Thank you for your input now and maybe after the article you would like to share what you did or what your sleep problems were….

  2. I went through lots of sleep studies, even given ambien there and still not good sleep, now I am on trazadone and anbien and doing better and should be on sleep apnea machine but it makes me clautrophobic. But I get about five or six good hrs now where I was lucky to get two or three. Martha

  3. I have melancholic depression, but am unable to take antidepressants as they all add tons of weight, making that as big a problem as the depression.
    I average three hours sleep a night, sometimes in one block, often in short cat naps. Surprisingly I am not as exhausted as I might be, tired and ready to fall asleep if I sit during the day, but it is the long wakeful hours at night that I find hard to cope with.
    I read, listen to the radio, etc, but nothing works. If I get up and do practical things I wake up completely, and that’s it for the night. Sleep meds make me dopy and fuzzy, but that’s all.
    I share your frustration, and sympathize.

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