Canadian Healthcare – Do We Actually Have It?

I am a Canadian. Do we really have “Free” or “Public” Healthcare? You be the judge.

Over the past 7 years of Chronic Neuropathic Pain, I would hazard a guess that we have spent a good solid down payment on a house my care. That, by the way, is with employee insurance coverage and supposed free Health Care.

The system is failing us miserably and it needs to be fixed. Pain studies and clinics are being cut. Services like Physiotherapy are being cut. Alternative therapies for pain, like Acupuncture, Cranial Sacral and Botox are not covered at all.

With the paranoia about Narcotics, the dismissal of Chronic Pain as a real condition and the lack of alternative resources……we are left with little or no help.

The discrimination of Chronic Pain patients must end and the Health Care System needs to recognize us.

I will be publishing some small episodes of my experiences over the past 7 years, titled “Chronicles of a Painie”. Some of the stories will make your toes curl, some will make you laugh – they are so bad you can’t help it and some are so touching and kind – your heart will warm.  

Any comments, feedback or shared stories are welcome. I know I am not alone. It is of deep concern to me that many are out there without means to pay for additional services. Without that help, our lives are turned upside down and we are left behind; alone, afraid and in pain.

We have to fight back and make ourselves heard….Stay tuned for Chronicles of a Painie………………

At the end of  each article in the series, I would like you to vote as to whether or not you think we do have a “Free/Public” Healthcare system. At the end of the series, I will tally the votes and give an overall analysis of what you think. That includes Americans, Canadians, Europeans…anyone can cast a vote.

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2 thoughts on “Canadian Healthcare – Do We Actually Have It?

  1. I shared your posting on my facebook page, and if you like will post to the group I belong to page as well.
    Folks in the US have so many misconceptions about the Canadian health care system. They think it is socialized medicine that creates a free ride cradle to grave, or that is so bad that folks travel to the US because they can’t get basic services in Canada. What they don’t get is the concept of universal health care since for Americans, you “pay to play,” and increasingly larger and larger numbers of Americans have little or no health insurance.
    The costs are astromonical for health insurance: we pay more for limited health insurance than we pay for rent. And, it doesn’t grant you any better access to medications for chronic pain. The fear of addiction is so strong down here, that most chronic pain patients are under medicated!
    Today was national turn in your old drugs day, with headline horror stories of teenagers turned into drug addicts because they got a hold of one or two of grandma’s pain medication. Sure, it does happen, but none of the stories were balanced out by why grandma might need to have pain medication in the first place. Or that it is simply a good idea to get rid of medication that you are no longer taking. After today’s news coverage, I’m sure most doctors will be even less likely to prescribe adequate medications.
    Sorry to rant, but this is one of the areas where chronic pain patients are constantly let down by the system! I’m always worried that my doctor will become afraid to prescribe pain medication for me.
    I’m looking forward to your series. And, I promise to rant only every 2nd posting! lol

    1. Phylor, I welcome your rants anytime. As a matter of fact, I was watching “The Real World, New Orleans” – I know, I know, can’t be sadder than that, but …one of the castmates(1) had Percocet for a legitimate reason. Another castmate (2) had a prescription addiction – to which he had quit. Another cast mate(3) stole the meds(1) and blamed it on the reformed addict(2). As a means of “coming together” they went to volunteer at a rehab facility.

      The case worker said “The fastest growing segment of abuse is coming from the abuse of prescription pain medication.” Not only, did they say this, but they did not back it up with any type of research criteria or statistics.

      I mean, who is taking the drugs? Who is dealing the drugs? What do you qualify as prescription medication eg: it could be cold medicine. Again, the big red flag goes up around this issue. Does anyone think there are people who need these meds for quality of life rather than want to get high. BESIDES – we don’t get high, we get some or moderate pain relief. There is no euphoria for us. Unless, you count not the feeling of acid being poured down your spinal column going away for an hour euphoria????? It angers me to no end. The irresponsible journalism, over zealous police officers and Drs. who are more afraid of lawyers than properly treating thier patients. ARGGHHHH – this issue will be brought up many times in my chronicles…thanks for your comments!!! K

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