September is Pain Awareness Month

After 7 years of being a Chronic Pain Patient I had no idea that September was Pain Awareness Month. Did you?

I got notified that September is Pain Awareness Month by a website I had joined called They had a pretty good article I just Tweeted about turning our Pain into something positive.  Wanting to bring out the positive is what keeps me from the dark places I know you are all familiar with.

Chronic Pain is a condition growing daily and has a massive impact on not only the patient, but their family, friends and co-workers. It is a misunderstood and undertreated condition in desperate need of public understanding and awareness. In the spirit of Pain Awareness Month, I have a few easy requests and I have included some new websites and resources you may find of interest.

  • My survey, Perception Of The Disabled, still requires 60 more respondents. It will only take 5 minutes (if that) to complete and no personal information is required. I would be so grateful to have your participation. I think the results will be fascinating and informative. Click Here To Participate

  • Chronic Babes posted this letter: Written with the best of intentions by Dr. Rob to Chronic Pain Patients, advising us on how to behave with our Doctors and explaining their behaviours.

  • I responded with Dear Dr..  Hopefully, it will be read in a quiet place and fully absorb what I am trying to communicate. Please read the letter, add comments, Tweet it, Diggit, Facebook or pass along to friends.

Spreading this Blog around will  assist in increasing, the much needed awareness of Chronic Pain. Some other sites you may find interesting and will certainly enhance your understanding of what it is like to live in Chronic Pain are listed below.

Having found my On-Line Pain Family has helped me more than I could know. Here are a few people who have inspired me.

  • There is a young girl who has an undiagnosed illness. Her Blog is Too young, to be sick and in pain; but  her writing and outlook  inspirational

  • Many of you already know this fantastic chick, but Phylor has graciously guided me into the CyberPainWorld. Introducing me to various people, resources, blogs, websites, links etc.  She has a definate flair for writing; if you have not read her Blog yet, please do so,

  • Through Chronic Babes, I have met some really remarkable women. Here is a link to read up on what we are really like,

  • There is also Invisible Illness Awareness Week from Sept 13th – 19th, click here for more info

The information & resources  received through these channels have truly educated me. These are people not defined by Pain, not  passive victims of a brutal condition. They are Mothers, Sisters, Daughters, Friends, Business Owners, Employees, Aunts, Nieces and most importantly People. We need to make the public aware: we are not worthless whiners who only mope and complain. We need to let everyone know are valuable, wonderful, special people. We just have a chronic condition, like Cancer, Blindness or MS.  These challenges should be respected, recognized and most importantly understood.


5 thoughts on “September is Pain Awareness Month

  1. Fantastic job, Kathleen! I love your redesigned site, and I passed along your address in a blog, and your facebook page to folks I know on facebook.
    Good luck with your survey, and take good care.

  2. Thanks so much for sharing about Invisible Illness Awareness Week! We’ve had some great podcasts each day and they are here forever to listen to anytime at

  3. My name is Drew Bufalini and I’m putting together an ebook BY chronic pain patients FOR other chronic pain patients about how to find meaning in their lives despite the pain. I was wondering if you would be interested in contributing? If so, please contact me ASAP at

    If anyone else is interested in contributing and has a good story, feel free to contact me.

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