What Does Pain Feel Like?

Sometimes I get asked, what does it feel like? 

Here are a few descriptions of my pain.

  1.  Take a toothpick and stick it into the soft fleshy part of your hand, between the thumb and forefinger. Push down and hold. Keep it there for about 30 minutes. Alternate the severity of the pressure. Sometimes it is like that for a full day for me.
  2. Do you know when your toes are so cold they are almost blue? Then you take them and stick them in hot water. That burn that is like that all through my spinal column
  3. My hair hurts my skin. Sometimes the wind will blow my hair against my neck. Most of my life that tickled. Now it feels like someone is taking a red hot curling iron and dragging it across my face and throat 
  4. I get what feels like an electric shocks shooting through my arm. Sometimes down my spine.
  5. Swallowing hurts. You know when you are dehydrated and you finally get some water. It takes a few swallows to get it down because your throat is dry. It feels like that for me, but it is more like someone has their thumb pressed against my throat, choking me.
  6. Burning, my spinal column feels like acid being pumped up and down all day, every day.
  7. Warm rushes; sometimes I think “oops” and I look down to see if I have spilled warm water on myself. There is nothing there.

I have other kinds of pain, but these are some that I am unable to control. I can’t change my position to make it better and medication doesn’t get rid of it. Sometimes I find it helpful to hear that I am not alone. I am not sure if anyone else out there wants to share a story, but it is helpful to know I am not crazy?


2 thoughts on “What Does Pain Feel Like?

  1. You just described the last two years of my life. Invisible acid pours down my lower spine, and the nerve roots are now infused together with little direction in how to prevent further damage. The profound & undeniable feeling of electrical surges down my spinal cord has been met with tremendous doubt from Allopathic “specialists”. But there is not a choice in the matter, to me, it is as my lower lumbar / hip / pelvis has been plugged into a power plant. The feeling of poison pumping throughout my peripheral nervous system ebbs & flows; a cascade of inflammatory symptoms follow every insidious onset. From sleep attacks, vertigo, mental confusion, edema, migraine…the only way to describe it is like systemic heartburn with widespread insult, ending in weakness, exhaustion, & disabling stiffness. There is no preparing, no planning, no cycle to rely on. Diet & Nutrition? How easy it would be – I’d eat dirt if it meant it would make it stop – but this is as if my body is trying to metabolize battery acid mixed with chemical poison. But can’t.

    There is one thing I do know for sure. Years of various synthetic hormone treatments slowly descended into a place of irreversible agony. Left in a state of complete incapacitation, and nowhere to turn to, I’ve spent the last two years slowly learning to reverse one neuro-endocrine crisis after the next.

    The irony is that the doctor I trusted with my life for 15 years did not care to even consider that the “treatments” were the problem. He is still out there prescribing hormone regimens to anyone willing to try them, because they are protocol as directed by the FDA & our health insurance companies. Should you stray off the given path, it is understood that you will do it alone. I would not by writing this had I not listened to my instinct & drowned myself in modern neuroscience for answers.

    The hypothalamus & pituitary glands are our heart & soul, and no one ever told me the importance of their communication with our nervous & endocrine systems. They were not meant to be toyed with, and are admittedly open-ended experiments by their manufacturers. I’ve learned more from studies done on rats than I did from the 15 “specialists” I’ve seen in the past year. Nearly every synthetic medication on the market targets & disrupts our innate hormone syntheses, or aims to mimic the micronutrients our bodies depend on to stave off chronic illness. Jamming puzzle pieces that don’t fit only leaves scraps that our bodies don’t understand. And there we find our side effects.

    Unfortunately, it is much easier to decapitate a rat than it is to invite the real victims for conclusive studies. In my opinion, the only “experts” are the ones who live through every day hoping for a miracle.

    Thank you for sharing your experience, and using your voice. There are people out there who need the reassurance that they are not alone. Or mentally ill. I wish you a life of courage and a cure for your pain. Never lose hope.

    1. Hi,

      Thank you for sharing your pain and your story. I empathize with your plight and know it well. I believe like you, that we need to listen to our bodies. The voices in our heads that tell us, what is really happening inside ourselves.

      After 10 years of battling the system (this battle is not even near won), I know that just because they have an MD or a Ph.D or any other additional degree, that doesn’t make them the expert. I think like you, we are the experts.

      I hope that you find some of the resources on this blog helpful to you, even if just to know that you are not alone.

      I wish you a pain free day.

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