Friendships Lost Friendships Gained

Chronic Pain can rob a large part of your life. One of the first things to go is friendships. Some people are not capable of being with the sick for long periods of time

At times remarkable sadness has taken me over regarding this. A few friends I thought would always be there have simply vanished. They will tell me how busy they are, with work and such. However, I hear they have moved in with other people; they were casual friends with; to help them with their illness. However, I have gotten used to it from those people and have no expectation of help, support or friendship.

This used to make me sad, but I have turned it around to recognize those who have not been there, are much less important than those that have.

One of those friends is a girl I knew a little in high school. She ended up becoming friends of another group I was friends with in University. Over the years, we kept touching base.

When my immobility made it so that I couldn’t go out at night at all, or out to go on shopping excursions, my social circle became remarkably small. This friend, called me up and said, can I come up for a visit. That was the start of something that has meant the world to me.

Every 3 months we have our lunch. We have lunch on our own and chat about all sorts of things. We have laughed together, cried together, bitched together, talked business, launched ideas, gossiped and just spent time. This has meant more to me, than she will ever know.

I have not been able to go to things for her, like her 40th Bday, her CD launch, her parties and just out to dinner. I am sorry for that. I wish I could do those things for her. She has been more than understanding and has not abandoned me. She always returns my calls, emails, messages and never makes me feel like I am a burden.

She is a successful business woman, who has determination and drive. She has a big heart, filled with compassion, understanding and acceptance. Although she is not the only person, who has provided me with support, she has certainly done that. I am truly grateful for all that she has done.

Thank you Leo, you are a dear friend.


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